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In light of recent events and as a response to the ever changing market post-UIGEA, Casino Gambling Web is switching to an all paid advertising method. If you are one of the hundreds of operators who have inquired about advertising with Casino Gambling Web, now is your chance!

Why advertise with us?

Casino Gambling Web features several reporters with insider contacts and great enthusiasm to write quality articles related to the worldwide gambling industry. As a result, we are featured in Google news, along with several other major news engines across the globe. Also, we are syndicated by more than 4,000 websites and inviduals who have subscribed to any of our 20 or so RSS/XML feeds. We are linked in several key spots across the web and our visitors are evenly distributed through all countries across the world.

How Advertising On Casino Gambling Web Works

Casino Gambling Web offers 3 locations where advertising is accepted. First option, you can buy a top banner spot, which is the most visible and highly brandable banner position. The mandatory size for that spot is a 468x60 banner. The top banner is placed on every page of the site. Option 2 is the left banner, a 120x600 ad placement, which is also featured on all pages. Lastly, you can buy placement in the article banner position, which requires a 200x200 or 250x250 banner. The article banner is seen by all of our readers and we consider it to be the smartest spot to advertise.

All banner spots will feature 5 banner ads that will rotate randomly each time the page is loaded. Once 5 banner ads are running at one time, further banner ads will not be accepted during that 30 day period.

Choose From 3 Different Advertising Packages

FeaturesTop BannerLeft BannerArticle Banner
30 Days of Advertising on Casino Gambling Web
High Exposure Due to Limited Advertising Competition
Featured on All News Articles of Casino Gambling Web
Banner Rotated Randomly Between 5 Other Banner
Advertisements at All Times
Highest possible Return on Investment (ROI) compared
with other online advertising sites in the gambling industry
Featured on Every Page of Casino Gambling Web
At least 75,000 Page Views Per Month w/ likelihood of even
more during 30 Day Advertisement Period
Price$4,999 $3,499 $1,499

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