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AG Swayed By Politics To Try And Stop Seminole Casino Gambling in Florida

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The Attorney General in the state of Florida is busy at work these days. He is spending his time in office to try and stop gambling that is going on at Seminole casinos in the state.

Outside of blackjack and baccarat, the gambling he is trying to stop is the same gambling that is being allowed by the state at Broward County pari-mutuel facilities. Class three gaming machines are being offered at these pari-mutuels.

The state has no problem with the gambling going on at these facilities. With the Seminoles, state legislators are not as easy to receive lobbying money, so therefore there is no incentive to allowing them the same rights as other casinos.

Pari-mutuels have lobbied hard against the expanded gambling by the Seminoles. It is no wonder that they have poured money into the pockets of the government, so if they want the gambling stopped at the Seminole casinos, chances are legislators and government officials will do whatever they can to make these pari-mutuels happy.

The Seminoles signed a compact with Governor Charlie Crist at the end of last year. Members of legislature were quick to bring case against the compact to court. The reason? They were not involved in the decision making process. One thing legislators hate is when something gets done and it was not their idea.

Today, Attorney General Bill McCollum sent a letter to the National Indian Gaming Commission asking that they stop the gambling at the Seminole casinos.

"The state of Florida is in the untenable position of having a tribal gaming operation, which everyone acknowledges is unauthorized, ongoing without the jurisdiction to stop the illegal activities,"said McCollum in a press release.

They key word here is "unauthorized". The gambling that is taking place at the Seminole casinos would be fine, just like it is at the pari-mutuels in Broward County, if it were "authorized".

That type of "authorization" comes from only one thing-money. As long as the Seminoles are not willing to play the economic game with legislators and their campaigns, they will be on the outside looking in on the casino gambling issue in the state.

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