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Apple Program Helping Players Cheat In Las Vegas Casinos

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The state of Nevada does not look down upon card counting. It is not illegal and is not monitored by many of the casinos in Nevada. Using a device to help count card, now that is an entirely different situation.

It is illegal in Nevada to use a device for cheating purposes and casinos have been warned about the latest cheating mechanism. A program that can be used on Apple's iPod Touch and iPhone to help count cards is at the center of the warning.

"If a player uses the program and is caught inside doing so inside of our casino, we will take the same steps that we follow in any other situation where cheating is involved," said a manager at one of Las Vegas' casinos.

Nevada was not actually the first to detect the program. They were informed of the program's existence on a tip from California gaming regulators. The Nevada Gaming Control Board them sent a memo last week to casinos in the state warning them.

Card counting using a device is not something that is taken lightly. It is a felony offense in Nevada. Over the years there have been many different cheating schemes that have been sniffed out by Nevada authorities.

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