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Bermuda Attracting Tourists With New Gambling Laws

Bermuda has been battling with other tourist destinations as ports of call for cruise ships over the past several decades. This week, Bermuda took a step towards becoming the premiere port for travelers by changing their gambling laws.

The government announced this week that they would be allowing cruise ships to keep their casinos open twenty four hours while they are in port. That is a drastic change, and pone that has not yet been seen in other ports of call.

"This move makes Bermuda much more attractive to the gamblers who go on cruises for the casinos," said Analyst Richard Weldon. "To not have to leave the boat, and to be able to continue to gamble in the casino. That is a big, big attraction for gamblers."

Bermuda has been searching for a way to bring ships back to port. Over the past few years, there has been a sharp decline in the number of ships visiting the Bermuda Islands. In 2012, 161 ships pulled into port. That number is expected to drop to below 125 this year. The decline prompted the law change, called the Cruise Ship Act.

Up until now, cruise ships were only permitted to operate their casinos in international water. In some ports, such as the Bahamas, the reason for the law is to keep gamblers betting in the Bahamas casinos, and not on the ships.

In Bermuda, lawmakers have been attempting to change the laws for several years. In 2009, a similar law was proposed, but legislators defeated the bill. In the years since, Bermuda has seen their ports decline each year in cruise ship attendance.

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