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Big Mac Ingredients Not Important To Gamblers At US Casinos

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Million Dollar Money Drop has become one of the hottest game shows on television over the past months, and each night there are more obscure questions stumping contestants. Tonight, one of the questions surrounded the ingredients in a Big Mac from McDonald's.

While thousands of viewers scurried to the Internet to check the answer to the question, gamblers in casinos around the US continued with business as usual. The majority of gamblers are more apt to eat a Big Mac on their way to a casino than search for the popular sandwiches ingredients.

The actual question posed on the game show was, What ingredient is not in a Big Mac? The possible answers were lettuce, pickle slices, or tomatoes. At the moment of the question, a logical response was for contestants and viewers to start singing the popular song associated with the Big Mac from the McDonald's commercials.

Million Dollar Money Drop has become one of the most watched shows on FOX, but it has not deterred gamblers from the casinos. At some casinos, patrons did not even know what our reporters were talking about when they posed the question from the show.

"I don't watch that show, but I sure could use a Big Mac," said one poker player at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida. Another player acknowledged watching the show before, and even had the right answer when asked about the missing ingredient.

Game shows have become a popular way to gamble amongst friends in recent years. With the questions usually obscure, friends have the ability to make wagers on which they can answer and which they cannot. That type of gambling is legal in some states, yet illegal in others. It is unlikely, however, that many law enforcement officials will be looking to break up friendly game show wager party's anytime in the near future.

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