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Bingo Gambling Still Thriving Despite Recession In The UK

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The game of bingo has been played for decades and although there has been a worldwide casino gambling expansion taking place, bingo is still as popular as ever in the UK. The recession has cut into much casino gambling revenue, but bingo is still going strong.

Bingo halls have been hurt in recent years more by a smoking ban than the recession. That is according to PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP research that has been released this week. The study shows that casinos are being hit harder by the recession than bingo halls.

"It appears likely that betting and casinos will be impacted more by the recession than bingo, which may benefit from the resilience of its target demographic," said David Trunkfield, UK Head of Gaming, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.

Trunkfield believes that the recession this time around will hurt the casinos because it is the high rollers that are struggling the most with the economy. The bingo halls have lower spending limits, and their customers are not of the high roller variety.

"UK casinos are staring down the barrel of a recession decline," said Trunkfield, "With relatively high spend per head, and the potential impact of the decline in the financial services sector on London casinos, the market could see a drop of as much as eight percent in revenue."

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