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California Casinos Winning At A Faster Rate Than Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is supposed to make the big money when it comes to casino revenue. They are a city that was built in the hopes that the casino industry would drive the rest of the economy in the state of Nevada.

In California, casinos are becoming that staple in the economy that Las Vegas already experiences. Governor Schwarzenegger has made it his own personal agenda to ensure that California can compete with Nevada in the future.

The future may have come quicker than the governor and his state had thought. Revenue figures show that California tribal casinos are actually weathering the economic storm better than Las Vegas. While still experiencing a decline, it has not been as sharp as at the Nevada casinos.

Las Vegas has had revenue drop off in double figures for several months in a row over their previous year. In addition, many of the operators that run the Las Vegas casinos are in financial despair.

The California casinos are all run by Indian tribes who have flourished financially since being allowed the opportunity to build the gambling establishments. It has created a sense that Las Vegas casinos and California casinos are headed in very different directions.

California has built their casino industry on top of other industries in the state. That has given them the advantage for travelers who have to pick between the two destinations. California has their beaches and Hollywood to offer along with their casinos.

The one area where the Las Vegas Strip still rules supreme is entertainment. The Vegas casinos have developed their empire by offering some of the top entertainment available in the country. From cabaret shows to top musical acts, Vegas is dwarfing the California casinos.

The California casinos appear at ease with the fact that they are lagging behind with the entertainment, so long as they continue to steal customers out of the Vegas casinos.

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