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California Job Applicants Show Importance Of Casino Expansion

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People are scrambling for jobs. Companies that have been around for decades are crumbling under the current state of the economy and it is workers who are getting the brunt of the layoffs.

In California, an example exists of just how desperate Americans are for work. The Red Hawk Casino in Northern California is set to be completed and opened by the end of the year.

So far, 11,000 people have applied for jobs at the casino. With other businesses shutting their doors, people are relying on casino expansion to get them through these tough economic times.

Around the country it is not just the workers that are relying on this expansion, it is individual states as well. Many state governments have been pushing casino expansion to try and sure up budgets that are severely in the negative.

New casinos are providing economic growth in places that have never been big gambling areas. The casinos are providing temporary jobs to contractors that are building the casinos. They are also providing many permanent jobs for struggling Americans.

On Sunday, applicants in California started getting the good news of once again being employed. The Black Hawk Casino began hiring slot supervisors, housekeepers, cooks, and slot technicians.

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