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Casino Chairman Calls For Sweeping Changes To Atlantic City

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When things get tough, that is the time that the true character of a city and state are tested. In Atlantic City, casino gambling is the main draw, but one casino executive believes it is time for the city, the state of New Jersey, and the casino industry to all come together.

Kevin DeSanctis, Chairman and CEO of Revel Entertainment, has come out firing at the Casino/Hotel Leadership Panel Forum late this past week. He is calling for the city and the casino industry to bury the hatchet on their differences and come together for the good of the industry and the city's future.

"The industry has never accepted the community, and the community has never accepted the industry," said DeSanctis, "and that has to change. If it doesn't change, we're not going to get anywhere."

Of course, DeSanctis has a big stock in Atlantic City surviving their current economic conditions. Revel is building a $2 billion resort in Atlantic City and it is supposed to be part of the solution to the current problems. DeSanctis, however, believes the city and state must become more involved.

Part of the plan for the future of Atlantic City is to clean up the city's image. Roads must be redone, and the city must start to look like a more upscale destination. With the billion dollar casino projects in the works, visitors must feel like they are coming to a top gaming area.

Part of what DeSanctis attacked in his speech was the AC cab system. He claims that driving in a cab is "...not a pleasant experience." DeSanctis puts the responsibility of overhauling the city's transportation on the city itself.

While DeSanctis was front and center, other casino executives backed his call for action. The city's casinos have been dealing with double digit revenue declines for many months and casino management has been looking for ways to turn those figures around.

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