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Casino Gambler Databases Becoming A Key Tool For Hackers

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Players club points can be a valuable commodity when it comes to casinos, and hackers are now taking aim at player accounts. Several cases have been reported in Las Vegas of hackers getting into players club accounts and stealing the accumulated points.

When a gambler signs up for a player club card, they are usually rewarded with fifty or one hundred players points. As the gambler plays at the tables and on the slot machines, points are accumulated and used for such things as free hotel rooms and food. The points can sometimes be used as free play on the slot machines.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board is now investigating the cases of players having their points stolen. The Board is not only targeting the hackers, but also the casinos that have players information in their databases.

"With respect to these databases, the board has recently investigated numerous incidents where such databases have been compromised and the potential for identity information theft existed," said a letter sent to casinos from the Gaming Board. "Additionally, as technology advances and more and more information is stored in these databases, they will almost certainly become an even more inviting target for cybercriminals."

Hackers these days have used technology to their advantage. On many websites, customers are required to enter private information such as addresses, date of births, and sometimes even banking information. The hackers gain access to this information and in some cases break right into the customers bank accounts, draining the accounts.

Financial institutions have been monitoring their customer bank accounts closely. Many banks have blacklisted companies that have been caught in the past giving bogus charges to customer accounts. With casinos using player cards much more frequently, it has become a good source of information gathering for hackers.

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