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Casino Gambling Thriving In Washington Thanks To Canadians

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While other casinos in the US are struggling to keep customers, the Tulalip Resort Casino in Washington is thriving thanks to a most unlikely of sources. Canadians are crossing the border and spending their casino gambling money at the resort.

"We do quite a bit of business with residents of Vancouver and British Columbia," said Ken Kettler, President and COO of Tulalip, "This is our first full year of operation, and once people experience Tulalip, they're dying to come back."

Canada is not the only country that is producing customers for Tulalip. The casino is located in close proximity to Seattle, which means they are drawing many people from the US as well.

The resort has only been open since June of 2008, but already it is developing a solid clientele. Many regulars can be found at the casino, and the resort is nice enough that families can also enjoy the facilities.

While Tulalip thrives, other casinos in the US are struggling. The economy has caused many people in the US to cut back on their entertainment spending. With families, most of these people have chosen to spend their entertainment funds on movies or dinner, and have cut out the casinos.

Las Vegas and Atlantic City, the two city's where casino gambling is most prevalent in the US, have both had major drop offs in their revenue figures. Major casino companies have already gone bankrupt, and others may soon follow.

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