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Casino Group In Colorado Looks To Hire While Unemployment Rises

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The unemployment rate in Colorado is following the trend all across the US. It is rising on an almost daily basis and even with all of the bail out money from the federal government, it will take time before companies get back on their feet.

Enter casino gambling. The Golden Casino Group has said they are planning to hire dozens of employees at their Black Hawk casino. They are preparing for expanded hours and games that were approved in the November election.

With sixty positions to fill, the casino group held a job fair and the turnout was astounding to Jeff Bauer, the Vice President and General manager of the group. Around 1,200 people showed up seeking employment.

"With the economy as bad as it is, people are looking into any jobs that become available," said observer Katherine DeBoy, "fortunately, the casino gaming industry is growing here in Colorado and in other states around the country, providing employment opportunities."

The unemployment rate in Colorado has reached 7.5%. In other states it has grown even higher and casinos have been a savior for many people who still have mortgages and families to care for after losing their jobs in other industries.

"Thank God for the casino expansion that took place in our County," said Felipe Heron, "It provided me the opportunity to get a job right after I lost my other job at a place I worked at for ten years."

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