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Casino Night For Horse Protection Shows Upside of Gambling

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For all of the opponents of casino gambling, there is always stories like this to counteract their arguments. A recent casino night has raised money for a charitable cause, and it is not the first of its kind.

The 4th Annual Casino Night for the Horse Protection League took place back in February. The theme, of course, was casino gambling, but the beneficiaries were not casinos.

Gambling has received a bad rap over the years. opponents point to addiction, increased crime, and bankruptcy as results of casino gambling. All too often, charity nights that involve casino gambling are overlooked.

The Horse Protection League is an organization that takes injured horses, nurses them back to health, and finds them loving and caring owners.

Their casino night charity is used to raise money to help them in their efforts in this charitable cause. It also serves as a release for the volunteers that help with the organization.

For every politician that shows the negative effects that casino gambling has on a community, there should be ones that point out charitable nights like these.

The good that casino gambling can bring is equal to, if not greater than the bad. Just ask any member of the Horse Protection League.

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