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Casino Slot Machines Going 3D In Southern California

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Casinos these days have to constantly come up with ways to attract customers. The market has become saturated to the point where every new idea could mean the difference between gaining or losing a potential customer.

In Southern California this is especially true. Governor Schwarzenegger has led a charge to expand casino gambling in the state and it has led to tremendous competition. The casinos are trying to stay one step ahead of each other.

One casino, the San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino, is turning to 3D slot machines to try and lure customers. They feel that people are sick of simply hearing bells go off and that customers are ready for the next step in entertainment from their slot machines.

Reel Depth is the brand of the slot machines, and they are much different from an ordinary slot machine. The casino will no longer have to worry about replacing reel strips and making other corrections to machines.

The old way had machines being taken from the casino floor for periods of time while they were replaced. The new machines will prove to be much more cost efficient for San Manuel.

The best part of the new machines is that players will not have to wear 3D glasses to experience the full effect of the machines. Multilayer display technology is used in the machines and will create the 3D effect.

When players win or get into bonus rounds on the machines, 3D animated figures will show up on the screen, leading to many colorful shows for players. The move to the 3D machines by San Manuel is one that could be setting the next trend in casino slots.

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