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Florida Seminole Tribe Embarrasses Legislators With Gambling Donation

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The move that was made on Tuesday goes a long way in showing just how naive politicians can be. In the state of Florida, legislators fought to have a gambling compact between Governor Charlie Crist and the Seminole Indians voided.

The reason for that political move? The legislators that opposed the compact were not involved in the decision making process. We all know how important it is politically for a legislator to have their name on such a groundbreaking compact.

So legislators successfully had the compact voided in court and they are now negotiating a compact with the Seminole Indians that will most likely end up around the same as the one they fought to get vetoed.

In the meantime, the Seminole Tribe of Florida has continued on their path of giving money back to the state from their gambling operations. On Tuesday, they announced that they are donating $300,000 to the Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling.

What that means, at its core, is that the Seminole Tribe is giving gambling money that is rightfully theirs, to the state of Florida to help residents with gambling problems. Certainly, this must have those self righteous politicians feeling a bit remorseful.

At a time in this country when most casinos are cutting their costs by laying off Americans, the Seminole Tribe in Florida is dishing out cash to the state they operate in. When was the last time a corporation in another industry gave out $300,000 as a sign of good faith?

The Seminole Tribe should be applauded for their efforts, not only for their large donation, but also for taking on these politicians who have called for the tribe's demise.

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