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Gambler Sues Casino in Australia After Losing His Money

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Many people around the world would love to have the casinos in which they gamble give their money back at the end of the night if they lose. A man in Sydney is taking that thought to the next step, he is suing a Sydney, Australia casino, Star City, for allowing him to lose his money.

The sticking point to the case, is, the man, Behrouz Foroughi, voluntarily went on an exclusion list of problem gamblers, which, in turn, barred him from the casino.

He claims that not only did the casino let him back in, but they gave him access to the high rollers room. He said that since he joined the list, he has been to the casino 65 times.

The list has 5746 names on it and Foroughi's lawyer Greg Laughton, claims that the casinos security system for tracking the gamblers on the list, had failed. He claims,"At the very least, Star City was on notice that Mr. Foroughi had a problem with gamblingand was probably addicted to it by reason of his voluntary exclusion from the casino."

One of the defenses of the casino is that when Mr. Foroughy was put on the exclusion list, he received a packet of information which included the names and numbers of counselling services for gambling addicts, and that he never accessed any of the services.

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