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Hollywood Slots Banking On Gamblers To Bring Legalized Blackjack

Hollywood Slots has the best of both worlds in the state of Maine. The casino is one of the first of its kind in a state that has only recently expanded gambling, and now residents have a chance to bring even more games to the popular gaming facility.

A ballot initiative is on the table for November that could make Maine a major player in the Northeast gaming industry. Only Pennsylvania and Connecticut currently allow their casinos to offer table games, and Maine could be added to that list if eager gamblers get out and vote.

The vote could be a complicated one for gamblers. With a casino already existing in their area, some voters could be split on which way they go on the different ballot questions. Voting yes on the table games measure and no on a new racino is possible in areas such as Biddeford, Lewiston, and Oxford.

"It'll be tough for them to pull together a winning coalition," said Dennis Bailey, Executive Director of CasinosNo!, as reported by The Associated Press. "I don't think people will stand to have five casinos in Maine, which will be more than any place in New England.

The push is on all across the US to expand casino gambling, and Maine is one of the states that has tried several times over the past decade to bring casino resorts to the area. Over the last ten years, there have been almost a dozen ballot initiatives geared towards gambling expansion. Only a couple have passed, although they have come in the past five years when the economy in the state has soured.

While Maine voters are having a say in their state's gaming industry, the debate is taking place in Massachusetts as to how much input lawmakers will receive from residents. The Massachusetts House passed legislation that would bring new casino resorts to the state, but legislators in the Senate are balking at passing the law without voter approval.

The need for voter approval may be the final bullet left in the chambers of anti-gaming lawmakers. Although there is a calling for a statewide vote, it is expected that the bill will pass the Senate in the coming weeks, making Massachusetts the latest to expand gambling in the Northeast.

Hollywood Slots is the only casino that is open in Maine. That will change when the Oxford Casino opens for business early next year. By then, Mainers will know whether table games will be a part of the Oxford facility, or if the gaming hall will only operate slots. Hollywood Slots has 1,000 slot machines operating for gamblers, and is hoping that blackjack, roulette, and craps soon becomes part of their offerings.

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