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Hong Kong Horse Racing Could Go Under From Booming Macau Gambling

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Macau has become the central gambling destination in the whole world. Last year, the area surpassed Las Vegas to become the main target of gamblers all over the world.

Their dominance in the area has already destroyed any gambling that was going on around Macau. Now, with all the high end casino resorts that are being built, there is a chance Macau will take down one of the oldest gambling destinations in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club has been around for 124 years. Different trends have come and gone, but none have been strong enough to put the club out of business. That was before Macau started building its gambling empire.

The numbers are drastically changing for the Jockey Club. Over $2.4 million is being taken away from the club annually because of Macau. With twenty percent of their revenue going away, it may not be long before they too, disappear.

"Our customers are definitely their prime targets," said Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges, the Jockey Club's Chief Executive Officer. He was referring to Macau going after the clubs high roller gamblers.

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