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How Will Hurricane Season Affect US Casino Revenue This Year?

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The weather always has a part in casino revenue in the late summer months. With hurricane season growing worse the past several years, casinos have been forced to shut down either by direct hits or weather relating to a tropical system.

This year, the casinos cannot afford to close down, even if it is just for a couple of days. The economy has devastated the casino industry in the US, and every day a casino has to close, it puts them farther in the hole financially.

"In the past few years, casinos have closed for periods at a time and it has been a drain on their bottom line figures," CGW Gaming Analyst Walt Freely explains, "when Hurricane Katrina hit in Louisiana, it took a major toll on their casino industry. Some of those casino were being renovated for over a year."

The loss of a day or two of business might be a best case scenario should a hurricane ravage a community. It could take millions of dollars to repair casinos if they are damaged in the storms.

Casino companies in the US are already battling to survive the economic recession. Many of these companies, including Trump Entertainment Resorts, have filed for bankruptcy protection, and would be limited in resources if they had to repair hotels.

"The entire industry is hoping that it is a calm hurricane season this year," said Freely, "they understand what is at stake should a storm close down their casinos. My best guess is that if that happened, some of these casinos would never re-open their doors."

It is predicted by the National Weather Service that this indeed will be a slow hurricane season. That said, there is always the possibility of heavy rain and winds. In the Midwest, flooding has been a problem even in the non-summer months. With just over a month left of summer, casino will watch and wait, hoping that nothing tragic happens.

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