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Iowa Commission Votes To Study Expanded Gambling Impact On State

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Several communities in Iowa have been lobbying for expanded casino gambling in their area. Before making a decision on the issue, the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission wants to be sure they have all the facts.

On Thursday, the Commission voted for a study to be done on the impact that expanded gambling could have in the areas. The study will be comprehensive, and may hold the answers to whether the casino expansion moves forward.

The Commission has many questions that they currently do not have answers to regarding expanding the state's current casino base. Those questions hopefully will be answered by the study.

With gambling becoming more prevalent in the United States with each passing year, the Commission Chair Kate Cutler, would like details from the study that could be used in the future when dealing with casino gambling issues.

Several communities have already voted on, and approved, gambling referendums. It is now up to the Commission to give the go ahead to create additional state licenses for casino gambling.

The Commission will do the initial work of getting questions ready for the study. They then will seek a company to complete the study for them.

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