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Job Fair Brings Hope To Thousands For New Maryland Casino

It has been years since Maryland has been able to provide the type of employment opportunities that have been seen since the state expanded their gambling industry. In recent years, thousands of residents have secured jobs at new state casinos.

This weekend, thousands of hopefuls attended a job fair being held by the next casino to open in Baltimore, Maryland Live! Casino. The fair was held to fill positions in various areas of the new slots casino, and people were excited to have a shot.

"I have been out of work for six months, and this is just an amazing opportunity," said Amber Grant. "I don't know if I will be one of the lucky ones that gets a job, but I certainly hope I am. It will be great for the casino to put so many of us back to work."

The job fair created its share of high tempers. Potential employees had to deal with hours of moving through lines until they reached the point where they could submit their online application. The hours of hectic activity, however, was more than worth it for those that have been struggling to make ends meet since the recession.

"This fair is a dream come true," said Brittany Myers. "There's not a lot of companies hiring right now, and this is a great opportunity. I don't care if I have to wash dishes, I just want a job. This is something that I couldn't pass up."

Those sentiments were shared by thousands of Maryland residents seeking work. The fair also served as an informative session, with booths set up for people to ask about the details of different positions that were being offered. The booths were filled with potential employees, trying to learn where they would best fit into the casinos plans.

Among the jobs that were available were slot attendants, cage cashiers, cocktail waitresses, and restaurant servers. All of the positions come with certain criteria, but the casino is willing to hire employees with little or no experience in the gaming industry, which served as a plus for many in attendance.

"I have always worked in an office, either a doctor's office or a lawyer's office, but I thought this would be a way for me to get out and into the community," said Marcia Burns. "It would be a new chapter in my life that I think would be exciting. We'll see what happens."

Maryland Live! Casino is expected to open at the Anne Arundel mall location in less than three months. In that time, the operators of the casino will need to fill around 900 positions.

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