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Las Vegas Gets New Look After Decades Of Continuity

Las Vegas has always been a place that was associated with the Wild West. Even when East Coast mobsters embarked on a gaming expedition and opened some of the most historic casinos in US history, there was a feeling that the city represented more of the West Coast than the East.

In recent years, the city has started to shed that Wild West reputation. More recently, over the past few months, some new establishments have been opened, including a new casino resort, that bring Las Vegas into the modern era of casino gaming.

Las Vegas is known for its elaborate Strip, where the glitz and glamor of some of the most famous celebrities can be seen throughout. Just about twenty minutes north of the Strip resides Downtown Las Vegas, a place where, up until the past few years, had remained in the shadow of their glitzy neighbors to the south.

The Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino is attempting to shed the old West reputation, by bringing in the showgirls, slot machines, and big lights that have defined the strip over the years. Additionally, there have been restaurants, shops, and other boutiques that have opened in conjunction with the Downtown Grand, completing the effort to revitalize the town.

Back in 2006, the Lady Luck casino, which opened in 1964, closed its doors for good. Originally it was only intended to be closed for renovation, but the owners never came through with those renovations, and in 2009, the casino was given up on by city officials.

With Lady Luck eventually demolished, it paved the way for the Downtown Grand to be built. The casino resort opened in October, and has been thriving as the centerpiece to the city's transformation from old school to new.

"The Lady Luck stood empty and sad for so long," said former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman. "To have a hotel come back revitalized, almost entirely rebuilt and to make such a mark here is simply incredible."

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