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Las Vegas Sands Cuts Almost 200 More Jobs In Sin City

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Las Vegas Sands claims that they are in position to withstand the current economic climate in the US, but their actions are suggesting otherwise. This week, the company laid off almost 200 more workers in Las Vegas.

The exact amount of workers who lost their jobs was 194, but that is thrown on top of the 280 employees that were let go in March. The layoffs now total almost 500 employees in the past few months.

"It is unfortunate that these Las Vegas companies have to lay off workers," said observer Harold Frank, "but the reality is that revenue figures are way down at Las Vegas casinos and the companies cannot justify their payrolls."

Las Vegas casinos and casinos in general in the US have been among the hardest hit by the economic recession. People have had to make choices with their entertainment dollars, and casino gambling has been far down the list of those choices being made.

Another major factor for Las Vegas' demise is that casino gambling is being expanded throughout the country. State after state has changed their gambling laws, leaving people to gamble in their local communities, instead of having to travel to Las Vegas.

"In another five to ten years, people will have no reason to go to Las Vegas," said Frank, "other states are building bigger and more updated versions of what Las Vegas used to be, and they are starting to compete for travelers."

One of those states is Florida. The Sunshine State has expanded their casino gambling options and are currently in the process of doing so again. They will soon have everything Las Vegas has to offer, plus beaches and nightlife in Miami.

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