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Lobbying For Lottery Money To Go Straight To Schools in Oklahoma

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The state lottery in most states, was put in place to help fund the state education system. Politicians argued that the schools system needed a boost, and voters listened.

That scenario played out in nearly every state that now has a lottery. The only problem with the system that was adopted is that the lottery pays the state, then money is distributed to individual school districts.

In Oklahoma, the state superintendent is calling for that procedure to change. Sandy Garrett has suggested Thursday that money that is going to schools from lottery should go directly to the school districts, and not through the state.

Garrett sees a problem with the state deciding where to use the lottery money instead of individual districts using the money where it is most necessary.

The percentages of the money are spread out among public schools, higher education, and such things as teacher retirement funds. Garrett is suggesting that possibly the average daily attendance could decide where the money goes.

Either way, she feels that the money would be better used in the hands of individual school districts, rather than the state. The money would be used more specifically for the needs of each individual school district as opposed to a general fund.

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