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Lottery And Gas Station Team Up In Iowa

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State lottery's are beginning to get real creative in the ways that they promote their product. With the economy struggling, innovative ways of selling lottery tickets must constantly be examined.

In Iowa, the state lottery has teamed up with the second highest lottery sales store in the state. They promoted a new Iowa game, the "Iowa's Million Dollar Raffle".

"The Iowa Lottery asked us to help promote the new game because we sell many raffle tickets. At one time we were the highest retailer for winners in the state," said Saundra Darrah's, owner of the gas station.

Darrah is proud of the fact that at certain points over the stations twenty three year existence, they were the top retailer for winners in the state. They also at a point were the second biggest lottery retailer in the state.

The new promotion asks gamblers to buy a twenty dollar raffle ticket and a ten dollar minimum of gas. If both of those criteria are met, they will receive five dollars off of their gas purchase.

Different state lottery's have come up with different ways of promoting the sale of lottery tickets in these tough times. With gas prices rising almost daily, free gas has been a selling point for some of these promotions.

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