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McCain's Gambling Habits Could Become IRS Issue After CREW Complaint

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John McCain should not be heading to any gambling establishments these days. It does not appear that October is going to be his lucky month. He has fallen way behind his opponent, Barack Obama, in the race for the White House, and indications are that he will not make up the ground necessary to win the election.

Whether he wins or loses, he could be facing potential danger from one or more of his gambling excursions of the past. The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington has filed a complain with the Senate Ethics Committee.

At issue is whether McCain failed to report winnings from one of his gambling outings on his tax return forms. He has reported no winnings from 2000 through 2007 on his reports, which would amount to him breaking the law if he won money in casinos during that time.

It would have to be proven that McCain did, indeed, win money during his casino visits. That is not a charge that would be able to be proven easily. If McCain denies winning any money, then the complaint by CREW could fall on deaf ears.

"Given Senator McCain's long history of gambling, the fact that he never included gambling income on his disclosure forms suggests he is either the unluckiest gambler ever or, more likely, he failed to report the income," said Executive Director of CREW, Melanie Sloan.

The way the election is unfolding, the idea of McCain being the unluckiest gambler ever is not far fetched. He did draw even with Senator Obama before his luck took a turn and the economy fell to pieces, along with his campaign.

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