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McGregor Looks To Put People Back To Work In Alabama Casino

VictoryLand owner Milton McGregor maintained his innocence throughout the gambling corruption trial in Alabama. Earlier this week, McGregor was acquitted of all charges against him, and the VictoryLand owner did not wait long to tell the public his intentions for the gaming establishment in the future.

"Now I'm focused on getting 3,000 people back to work and charities and governmental agencies receiving revenue, as they should have been all the time," said McGregor, to The Associated Press.

The statement came across loud and clear for those who have been out of work since VictoryLand closed its doors, McGregor's intentions are to reopen the facility, and try to win back customers that have found other gaming establishments while VictoryLand has been closed.

The gaming landscape has changed drastically in Alabama since McGregor closed up shop. Former Governor Robert Riley created a Task Force on Illegal Gambling that was making it nearly impossible for casinos to stay open. The Task Force was raiding casinos, and Riley's goal was to rid the state of the gaming facilities.

Governor Robert Bentley has not been as tough on the casinos. Shortly after he took office, Bentley turned the Task Force over to Attorney General Luther Strange, who, in turn, shut down the Task Force. Strange did maintain, however, that the state would continue to uphold their interpretation of the law concerning the slot-type machines being used in casinos such as VictoryLand.

"Those currently engaged in illegal gambling activities or contemplating opening an illegal gambling facility under the guise of so-called 'electronic bingo' should be aware that this office will continue to enforce the law, period." said Strange.

Reopening VictoryLand will take several months, according to McGregor. Despite Strange's warning. McGregor may be banking on the idea that the gambling corruption case took over a year and millions of dollars in taxpayer money. McGregor may gamble on the idea that the state will not want another public fiasco like the one the gambling case created.

VictoryLand, before it was closed, was the largest electronic bingo machine establishment in the US. McGregor asserted this week that when reopened, the facility will have around 40 percent less machines than when it closed back in August of 2010.

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