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Memorial Day Bringing Gamblers To Casinos Around US

Memorial Day is traditionally a day where most Americans have the day off, leaving it conducive to pool parties and barbecues. This year, with much of the country experiencing inclement weather, gamblers are using their day off to head out to their local casinos.

"We usually have a party at our house, but this year we decided to get all of our friends together and come here," said Angela Bass, who was playing slot machines at the Seminole Hard Rock casino in Hollywood, Florida early Monday afternoon. "We figured we'd do some gambling, and then hit one of the outdoor restaurants for dinner. So far, we're having a blast."

Bass will be joined by millions of Americans at casinos around the country, and this year, gamblers will have an even wider selection of casinos to choose from. A gambling boom has taken place in the US since the economic recession, and residents in places that have never had casinos are enjoying what the gaming establishments have to offer this year.

"This is the first year we've had a casino in Cleveland," said Kyle Ritney. "It just opened a few weeks ago, and we figured this was as good an opportunity as ever to come check it out. My friends and I came here last night, and we were back this morning. It's been a fun weekend, I just hope we win some money."

While some people spend their Memorial Day in local casinos around the country, professional players have used the three day weekend to travel to the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. The WSOP began on Sunday, and will run for the next month and a half. This year will be the largest event ever, with several new tournaments being added to the already large event pool.

"We can't really get away from out jobs over the next couple of months, so we flew in on Thursday and are staying until tomorrow," said Olivia Bell, a poker enthusiast from Norman, Oklahoma. "We watched the start of the WSOP Sunday, and now we are going to just hang out and go from casino to casino today. It's been a great trip to Vegas."

The first event at the WSOP, as it is every year, is a casino employees event. The event is open to casino employees from around the country and the world, most of which are dealers at their local casinos.

Today, the first non-employee event begins at 12PM. The tournament is a No-Limit Hold'em event with a $500 buy-in. It is a three day tournament. Two additional events will begin on Tuesday, putting the WSOP in full swing by the end of the week.

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