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Meskwaki Tribe Votes For Alcohol Sales In Casino

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The Meskwaki tribe has long prided themselves on not allowing alcohol sales at their casino in Iowa. The tribe actually does not allow alcohol sales anywhere on their reservation.

When revenue begins to be compromised, values tend to go out the window. That is the case with the Meskwaki tribe. Members had voted just a year ago to not allow alcohol sales at the casino.

Now, a year later, the subject has once again come up. The members once again voted, only this time, they voted in favor of the alcohol sales.

Citing the fact that competition has become too great for them to succeed just on their resort and casino alone, members compromised their position and voted 229 to 122 this year.

"It's just business, we're trying to improve our business and you have to do whatever it takes to do your business," said Sophilia Keahna, a Meskwaki tribal member.

While some claim it was just business, others were quick to point out that alcohol is not needed to make the casino successful. "Customers at the casino do not want alcohol there and that's why they come to our casino because we do not serve alcohol," said tribal member Sondra Alas.

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