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MGM Resorts Offers Loyalty Points Outside Of Casinos

MGM Resorts International understands the economic recession has hurt the pockets of many gamblers throughout the world. MGM branded casino resorts can be found in most major destinations where gambling is legal, and for years gamblers have been receiving perks for frequenting the slots and table games in the casinos.

With the economy still struggling, MGM understands that patrons at their resorts sometimes have to choose between the tables and the other entertainment options available at the resorts. That is why MGM International has decided to tweak its policy regarding the loyalty program.

No longer do customers have to gamble to earn points that could bring them such freebies as room stays and restaurant discounts. Now, booking a show, or a room, as well as eating at a restaurant can earn points that will translate into later savings. It is an idea that surfaced several years ago when Caesars Entertainment began offering rewards to non-gamblers.

"I think it is a great idea," said Marcy Walters, who was taking in a show Saturday night in Las Vegas. "My friends and I come to the shows at least once or twice a month, and I think we deserve the same points as the gamblers. We may not spend as much as the gamblers playing slots, but we spend enough to be recognized as a loyal customer. I love it."

MGM has no current data that suggests how the changes have affected revenue. The company does maintain, however, that the loyalty program changes have made many of their customers happy, and along with that happiness comes a loyalty that they expect will translate into future earnings.

"There tends to be a difference in the theoretical value of casino customers and the realized value," said Mark Strawn, an analyst for Morgan Stanley, as reported by the Associated Press.

MGM customers can also now enjoy a linked online presence where they can book reservations and buy tickets to shows at 13 different MGM locations. The majority of the locations are in Las Vegas, with the remaining three residing in Michigan and Mississippi.

Casinos around the US have been working to bring customers back to their resorts in the aftermath of the recession. Many casinos have returned to offering free stays and restaurant perks as a way to bring customers back. Loyalty programs have become the most popular way to keep regular gamblers heading back to the casinos.

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