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Missouri Problem Gambling Level Low According To Study

Many states are expanding their gambling options at an extreme rate compared to the past decade, and the result has been an increase in problem gambling cases. Missouri is one state in which gambling addiction is not much of a problem at all.

The Center for Disease Control is the go-to organization for the Missouri Health Department when it comes to determining how many Missourians have a gambling problem. The latest results show that only two-tenths of one percent of Missouri residents have personal problems due to gambling.

That figure is low compared to the rest of the country, but it extends even into the financial area. The study also concluded that only four-tenths of one percent of residents experience financial problems relating to gambling. These are statistics that other states have been striving for with their treatment and prevention programs.

The majority of the gamblers in Missouri, according to the study, are men. Ten percent more men play the state lottery than women. That figure also represents how many more men take part in other gaming ventures such as casinos, sports betting, card games, and bingo. The news has resonated well within the gaming community in Missouri.

In addition, it appears that the majority of the problem gambling cases that were reported are done so by those individuals with incomes below $15,000. These people, are five times more likely to have personal, work, or family related problems than those gamblers who have incomes of $15,000 to $25,000.

Northeastern states have been placing a priority on problem gambling hotlines and treatment centers. Maryland, a state that just recently expanded their gaming options to include casinos, has been applauded for their efforts at curbing problem gambling.

While Maryland is ahead of the curve, other states have decreased their available treatment options. With the recession causing casinos to lose revenue, the states have receive3d less in tax revenue. That has caused states such as New jersey and Nevada to pull money from their treatment and prevention programs.

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