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More People Getting A Shot At High Roller Gambling In Las Vegas

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When someone thinks of high roller gambling rooms at Las Vegas casinos, they picture rooms where only the richest of people will be let inside. Rooms where it costs money just to walk through the doors.

That was the old Las Vegas. That was the Las Vegas that made their rules slanted entirely for their own benefit, not caring about their customers because they did not have to. Now, the shoe is on the other foot.

The current state of the economy coupled with expanded casino gambling all across the United States has put Las Vegas casinos on the defense. They must now consider what will bring people to their gambling palaces, and one of the moves they are making is lowering limits in private gambling rooms.

The old rules had players required to have at least a $500,000 line of credit and the minimum a gambler could bet was $500 a hand. That is no longer the case. The Nevada Gaming Commission has dropped the per hand limits and has changed the credit line requirements to $300,000.

"What Las Vegas casinos are having to do these days to get customers is completely opposite of what they are used to. They like to make the rules, but in these tough times they are having to lower their standards for revenue to attract a wider base of customers," said Peter Ylebert, a frequent player in these private salons.

Although it is the casinos that will be affected, it was the Gaming Commission who made the rule changes. Several casino operators, including Steve Wynn, believe it should be up to the casinos to set their own limits in these private gambling rooms.

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