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New Hampshire Residents Choose Casino Gambling Over Taxes

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No matter how strong the opposition is for casino gambling there is one thing that will make these people change their mind in a heartbeat. Tell them the alternative is money out of their own pockets.

In the state of New Hampshire, a University of New Hampshire poll indicates that residents in the state would rather have casino gambling than income and sales taxes. This is a decision that most states are weighing in the current economy.

"The only revenue option that is somewhat politically popular is expanding legal gambling. 41 (percent) say they (residents) would be more likely to vote for a state Senate candidate who favored legalized gambling,' wrote Andrew Smith, Ph.D, the Director of the UNH Survey Center in his report of the poll that was taken.

The main idea that almost all of the residents polled want to avoid is higher taxes. They overwhelmingly claimed that they would not vote for a candidate that wanted to raise state sales tax or property taxes.

Of course, a sales and income tax would be something completely new for the people of New Hampshire. They are one of only two states that has neither forms of taxation. Their economy, however, needs a boost and lawmakers are trying to decide which avenue to take.

Casino gambling in the form of slot machines at racetracks in the state seems to be the choice of both residents and lawmakers. They just have not figured out an acceptable way to make it happen as of yet.

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