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New Report Expects Global Gambling To Increase Signifigantly

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PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP has released a study that focuses on the gambling industry around the world, and its findings are that there will be increases in the industries worth over the next four years.

Figures released in the report claim that in the year 2011, the global gambling industry could be worth up to $144 billion, after a compounded growth rate of 7.2%. That figure is up from the current # of $101.6 billion.

The main reason for the increase will be due to the Pacific-Asia region of the world, which is led by the resort of Macau in China. Revenue in that region is expected to raise from $14.6 billion to $30.3 billion, a 15.7% increase.

In the United States, revenue is expected to increase by 6.7% a year, taking the overall number from $57.5 billion to $79.6 billion. Nevada revenue is expected to grow to $18.2 billion, up 7.5% per year.

Revenue in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa will increase only 1.9%, and raise the overall number to $27.8 billion from $25.2 billion.

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