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New York Mayor Ends Legal Gambling At Senior Center

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Gambling around the country has become so widespread that even in places where it is legal, authorities are shutting down games. That is the case in Baldwinsville, New York, where the mayor has shut down a popular senior center gambling outlet.

Seniors at the Canton Woods Senior Center, in Baldwinsville, New York, have been playing card games for money for years. There is never a large amount of money wagered, usually only coins.

Mayor Joe Saraceni, however, has taken exception to the gambling that is taking place. That is why he has taken the law into his own hands, and shut down gambling at the senior center. It has many people outraged.

"I like to play cards, whether it's for money or not," said James Clark, as reported by United Press International, "I just don't understand why this is an issue, It's really ridiculous."

The low stakes gambling is not against the law, but Saraceni found a way to shut down the gambling activity using a loophole in Canton Woods policy.

"But it clearly states in Canton Woods policy that gambling isn't a permissible activity," said Saraceni, to UPI, We received a complaint that gambling was going on. It was nothing alarming as far as how much money was being bet...."

It was "nothing alarming", however, Saraceni took an alarming approach to the complaint. many of the seniors that played at the senior center will now be affected, and the one person who complained, will be satisfied.

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