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NFL Approves Team Advertising Deals With Gambling Outlets

The NFL has had a long-standing image that they portrayed to the public regarding gambling, claiming to be against any relationship between itself and gambling companies. This week, the league further distanced themselves from that stance when they announced that teams will now be permitted to accept advertising from local casinos.

The casino gambling industry has become prominent throughout the US, and the advertising dollars that come with the casinos appears to be too great for the NFL and its teams to pass up. The deal that the NFL agreed to allows casinos to advertise in team programs, in the upper deck at stadiums, and also on television and radio broadcasts.

"This is a further indication that the NFL is softening its stance relating to gambling," said Gaming Analyst Brad Dawkins. "Each time the league makes a move like this to let more gambling be part of the game, they move one step closer to realizing the billion dollar industry that is gambling on their sport."

While fans may consider this to be a move towards allowing bets on the NFL, the league itself has given no indication that their stance on betting on their own games will ever be permitted. Throughout the years, NFL officials have turned a blind eye towards the millions of dollars that is wagered on its product every weekend.

"We remain steadfast in our opposition to the proliferation of gambling on NFL games," said NFL Spokesman Brian McCarthy. "There is a distinction between accepting advertising in a limited fashion and gambling on the outcome of our games."

The league has come up with strict regulations regarding the advertising policy. Players, coaches, and team officials will not be authorized to make appearances at the casinos that pay for advertising in stadiums or on team game telecasts. In addition, no person representing or employed by the NFL can appear in any of the advertisements.

New Jersey casinos have recently won the right from voters to allow sports betting, and legislators are crafting laws to regulate sports books in New Jersey. The rules laid out Thursday, however, will forbid any of the AC casinos from advertising their future sports books with the NFL teams. Any casino that has a sports book is blocked from being part of the advertising rule changes.

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