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Nova Scotia Spending More Government Funds On Gambling Reports

Lawmakers who are against gambling expansion are always in search of studies and reports that show gambling to be a dangerous activity. That may be the reason that the Nova Scotia government is authorizing a second gambling report in the past two years.

The government was unhappy with the lack of depth in the initial report, and claims they also were upset with the research methods used. The new report will have an in-depth study of how gambling relates to suicide in Nova Scotia residents, something the original report only briefly touched on.

Gambling addiction is becoming a growing problem not just in Canada, but across the world. With expansion becoming such an important part of the global gaming economy, problem gambling is up simply because of the increase in gaming options that people now have.

The report drafted two years ago states that around six suicides a year are related to gambling. That figure is a broad number, one that the government wants clarified. The director of the report stands behind his work, but acknowledged that it was a work in progress.

Anti-gaming groups are thrilled that the government is again spending tax dollars on a new gambling report. The anti-gaming groups have been asserting that the first gambling report was not clear enough, and that a second report should take the results of the original, and add new information.

"The anti-gambling groups are happy today over this news," said Gaming Analyst Brad Dawkins. "But in the long run, this report could actually lead to additional gambling. Should the government believe that the addiction problem is under control, there may be a push for new gambling avenues in Nova Scotia."

Canadian provinces have been busy debating whether or not to regulate online casinos. In several provinces, online casinos have already been launched.

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