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Ohio Could Become Next Las Vegas With November Casino Vote

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The United States is finally coming around to the idea that casino gambling can help improve the country's economy. Many states have already legalized casino gambling, and Ohio is the next in line to do so.

Voters in the state of Ohio will choose on November 4th whether or not to allow a casino near Wilmington, Ohio. The casino would be equipped to offer all types of gambling that are allowed in Nevada, except for sports gambling.

The casino would have responsibilities to the state. Ohio would get thirty percent of the casino's gross receipts after payouts. Clinton County would get ten percent of this money, and the other eighty seven counties in the state would split the other ninety percent.

While most states are coming around to the idea of casino gambling, there are not many that are going to full gaming. Most are simply legalizing slot machines and poker. In Ohio, however, the casino would also include all table games.

The economy of today is driving most of these decisions by lawmakers to expand their gambling efforts. What was once a taboo subject, has now become the answer to helping states get out of financial trouble. Many states are using casino gambling to help balance their state budgets.

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