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Ohio Voters Now In Favor Of Legalized Casino Gambling

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People in the state of Ohio have never been in favor of casino gambling. Voters have had several opportunities over the past couple of decades to approve casinos, and they have turned down the chance every time. That, however, may change this year.

A recent Quinnipiac University poll finds that Ohio voters for the first time are supporting legalizing casino gambling. The poll, which was conducted September 10th -13th, shows that fifty-eight percent of the respondents support the casino plan on the ballot for November.

This is not the first poll that has illustrated the change in stance. Ohio has been one of the states hit the hardest by the economy, and casino expansion would mean jobs for thousands of Ohioans. Casino revenue would also mean that state lawmakers would not have to raise taxes.

"The time just seems right for Ohio to finally legalize casino gambling," said CGW Legal Analyst Bob Brice, "Other states that have been against casino gambling in the past have changed their views, and it is just natural progression that the people of Ohio would eventually want the casino gambling option in their own backyards."

There has been a wave of casino expansion all across the US. While some states enter the casino market for the first time, others have expanded their options to include full table games. Casinos have become the main source for beating the trying economic times.

The Quinnipiac poll surveyed 1,074 voters in Ohio and while the numbers still indicate that people are in favor of the casino plan, it is not as strong as the last poll. In July, a poll suggested that sixty-one percent of voters wanted casinos in the state.

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