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Palm Beach Princess Gambling Ship Owner Battles With Employees

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The Palm Beach Princess, a gambling ship that runs out of Florida, has had a rocky December to say the least. There has been battling between the ship's owner and its employees for almost the entire month, and this past weekend the battle reached a high point.

Employees refused to operate the ship on Saturday when 300 people were set to sail on the gambling ship. That led to layoffs for some of the ship's senior employees, and it caused the ship to stay docked and send customers home.

The employees refused to operate the ship because they had not been paid in a timely manner. The Palm Beach Princess is in the middle of bankruptcy hearings. The owner claims that the employees would be paid by Tuesday, but the fears did not stop there for employees.

Many of the employees on the ship are not US citizens and are working on the Princess with work visas. Some employees felt that the battle with management had reached a point where the ship would sail to the Bahamas, and leave the employees there with no means to get home.

Management has denied that claim, saying that was never their intention. Still, despite all of the anger and rage that was on display Sunday, the ship's owner hopes to have the Princess sailing again on Tuesday. That is assuming that the bankruptcy judge approves the plan.

The employees that were fired during the rally on Sunday were immediately led off the ship and put on planes back to their home country. The ship's owners originally were going to deduct the cost of the flight tickets from the employees' pay, but they decided against taking that route.

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