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Pennsylvania Casinos Could Make $165 Million With Table Games

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Blackjack, baccarat, craps, and roulette. Those are all games that could be coming soon to Pennsylvania casinos. The money that could be generated would far outweigh any potential problems, according to an analyst.

The Innovation Group had been hired to conduct a study as to how much money could be generated by adding table games to Pennsylvania casinos. Today, the Group revealed that figure to be $165 million annually. That is money that lawmakers may not be able to pass up in these tough economic times.

"If those figures are even close to accurate then the state would have to take serious consideration into expanding the casino options," said observer Timothy Gregg, "with lawmakers struggling to find revenue to clear up the budget, it would seem logical that they would give expanded gambling a serious look."

The estimates that were given are based on a twelve percent tax on the table games. That tax rate is on the conservative side with House Democratic Whip Bill DeWeese introducing a bill that would impose a twenty-one percent tax on the games.

Also included in the estimate is an increase of $65 million in slot gambling. With table games as an option, the Group believes it will bring more gamblers to the casino, which, in turn, will result in more slot gambling.

The figures are in line with what DeWeese believes the table games could bring in revenue. His estimates are $200 million annually, which are directly in line because of the difference in the projected tax rates.

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