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Pinnacle Entertainment Proposes New Casino Idea in Baton Rouge

Visit Golden Casino! Pinnacle Entertainment bought an area of land in Baton Rouge, Louisiana this year only to find out they were not going to be able to build a casino on it. They have since come up with a proposal to build a casino on a man made pond, close to, but not on the Mississippi River.

Baton Rouge only allows gambling on the Mississippi, but Pinnacle believes there are loopholes in the law that will allow them to build on the man made pond.

"We try to look at the gaming laws and play by the rules that are there," said Wade Hundley, president of Pinnacle Entertainment. "We believe that what we've proposed would fit under the existing rules, but that's why the Gaming Control Board is there to interpret those rules," Hundley said.

According to Hundley, if regulators don't agree the company is prepared to offer alternatives.

The company first caused the controversy in Baton Rouge when they planned to open up a casino on the river, which would have been the third in the area. It caused many in the community to worry over a third casino drawing too many customers away from the other two.

Eric Schippers, the spokesman for what would be the rival casino company, Penn National Gaming, said there would be no way the new gambling casino could open because it would "easily be described as Louisiana entering a new era of land-based gaming."

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