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Powerball Lottery And Drawing Coming To Florida In January

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The Powerball Lottery jackpot continues to grow toward the $100 million mark. Soon in Florida, gamblers will have the opportunity to get excited about those types of jackpots.

State lottery officials confirmed on Wednesday the rumors that the Powerball Lottery would be coming to Florida. They announced that the state will be offering the lottery beginning in January.

"Like any other businesses have to change, we have to adjust to the marketplace. The lottery will constantly re-evaluate it options," said Florida Lottery Secretary Leo DiBenigno.

Not only will Florida be offering the game beginning in January, but they also will become the host location for the drawings. The exact location of the drawings have not yet been determined, but they will be somewhere in the state of Florida.

Drawings are currently held in Iowa at 10:59 P.M. Eastern time on Wednesday and Saturday. The time will not change when the drawings move to Florida at the beginning of next year.

Ten years ago the state of Florida was considering offering the Powerball Lottery. Then Governor Jeb Bush made the decision not to allow the game, claiming that it would interfere and take away from games offered already within the state. Now, the lottery has reconsidered and feels Powerball will enhance the state offerings.

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