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Ron Paul Raises Half a Million Dollars in One Day, Again

Ron Paul Raises Over Half a Million Dollars in One Day! With a December 16th fundraising date - run by Ron Paul supporters who are playing off the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party - almost here, Paul campaign officials asked supporters today to not wait so long to contribute. Those that heard the message from the campaign so far today have listened.

As of 4pm EST Ron Paul had raised more than $440,000 and they expect to pass the $500,000 mark by the day's end.

The momentum for Paul is building following the Republican presidential CNN You Tube debate. Republican supporters who want out of the Iraq war are likely to vote for Paul in the primary, as Paul is the only candidate in the Republican grouping that promised to bring the troops home quickly.

On other issues Paul takes the side that is sometimes seen as too absurd by the mainstream political analysts, such as his desire to eliminate the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), but upcoming presidential candidate Mike Huckabee also takes that view.

Paul believes abortion is wrong, but also believes that the issue should be decided by the state.

One criticism from John McCain accuses Paul of being an isolationist, but Paul believes he is not, rather, he believes the United States should simply not be in other countries telling them how to live.

The goal from Ron Paul supporters is to fly past the $12 million mark for the fourth quarter on December 16, but his campaign may actually achieve that goal way before then.

The incentive his campaign is using today is to pass all the third quarter marks set by Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, and Mitt Romney. Giuliani raised $10,258,019 in the third quarter, the most of any Republican, and by the time this article is published Paul will have surpassed that milestone.

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