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Saratoga Takes A Stand Against Casino Gambling Expansion

Saratoga County leaders have seen the new state law that will allow casinos in New York, and although state voters approved the measure in the last election back in November, Saratoga does not want to be part of the expansion.

On Tuesday night, a hearing was held with over 300 Saratoga residents in attendance to discuss the issue of expanded casino gambling. After listening to arguments from both sides of the equally split crowd, a resolution was passed to keep Saratoga free of any new casinos.

The issue will likely now become one that is fought between Saratoga and the state. New York wants to bring a casino to Saratoga Springs, mainly to the famed racing course.

Saratoga officials, however, argue that when the state voted back in November, a large majority of Saratoga residents voted against the measure to bring new casinos to the state. They have used that information as the base for their opposition to a new casino in their county.

Various speakers voiced their opinion Tuesday. Anti-casino activists claimed that a casino in Saratoga would hurt the current business owners. Others asserted that their children would be the people to pay for a new casino down the road.

Those in favor of a casino explained that the revenue generated from the new gaming establishment would help get the county budget in order., as well as provide new job opportunities.

New York has made a strong push to be one of the gambling centers in the Northeast over the past few years. State officials believe that with one of the largest populations in the world, New York would become a haven for casino gambling, much like Nevada is out on the West Coast.

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