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Second Draw Added To Massachusetts Daily Numbers Lottery

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State lottery's are doing everything they possibly can to generate more revenue. The lottery is a major source of revenue for state's around the country, and with the economy struggling, lottery's are being called on to pick up the slack.

In Massachusetts, the state lottery is following the lead of many others from the country. They are expanding their drawing options for their Pick 3 and Pick 4 gambling lottery games.

Many states have already gone to this form of expansion. They will now have drawings twice a day instead of once. They will have a midday draw to add to the evening draw that is already in place.

Florida just went to this format a couple of weeks ago. With Massachusetts catching on to the idea, it leaves Rhode Island as the only state in New England not to have the double draws.

While this is the choice of many lottery systems, other ideas are also being tried throughout the country. In Iowa, their state lottery just teamed with a gas station to promote raffle tickets in exchange for free gas.

Massachusetts projects that the new lottery draw should bring in an additional $7 million annually. Dan Rosenfeld, a spokesman for the lottery claims it was the public that asked for the additional draws so they can increase their opportunity to win money.

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