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Servers The Key To Legalized Online Gambling In Atlantic City

New Jersey lawmakers received an education on Internet gambling law Monday from Seton Hall Law Professor John B. Wefing. The legal expert told legislators that online gambling would be legal in New Jersey as long as the servers for the online casinos are in Atlantic City.

Lawmakers have been wrestling with Senator Raymond Lesniak's amendments to the state constitution that would permit online gambling. Lesniak believes the state needs to move quickly in order to beat other states around the US that are considering the same legal changes.

"It's extremely important we get going now, so as to be able to compete with other states for online gaming and generate those revenues for our casinos," said Lesniak, at an Assembly Committee meeting where legislators were being briefed on the laws pertaining to Internet gambling.

Lesniak is hoping that a bill can be completed by the end of the week, and sent to Governor Chris Christie for his approval. Christie had previously stated he would not sign such legislation without a voter referendum, but he has come off that stance in recent weeks, saying now that if the amendment is legal under the constitution, he would consider signing the bill.

Lawmakers heard testimony from Wefing, who asserted that as long as the servers were in an area where casino gambling was permitted, then gamblers from all over the state would be allowed to bet online at those casinos. Atlantic City is the only place in the state where casinos are legal.

"It is permissible to expand gambling in Atlantic City," said Wefing. "If the gambling is actually taking place in Atlantic City."

That assertion reiterates a point made by Washington DC attorney Behnam Dayanim. The Washington lawyers spoke of how as long as the bets were being placed in Atlantic City, gamblers across the state could enjoy online wagering.

Lesniak has worked hand in hand with Governor Christie to ensure that all language in an original bill that was passed last year, was changed to the governor's liking. Christie vetoed the legislation last year, but vowed to reconsider should the necessary changes be made.

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