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Slot Machine Gambling Could Be Coming To Arizona Airport

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People generally view flying as a treacherous adventure. All the security and baggage checks, coupled with high fares have travelers cringing at the thought of a flight.

That could all change in the near future. Mayor Phil Gordon of Phoenix, Arizona has come up with a way to not only increase revenue into the state, but also to lighten the anxiety for travelers.

Gordon has proposed that slot machine gambling be brought to Sky Harbor International Airport. The state of Arizona is having a terrible year financially, and Gordon believes slot machines at the airport could help soften the financial blow.

"The city could be able to generate millions that could help to reduce taxes," said Gordon. While it is an innovative idea, it will be tough for Gordon to convince voters it is a good idea.

"It seems to me that the voters in 2002 spoke pretty loudly about keeping gaming on Indian land," said former Director of the Arizona Department of Gaming, Steve Hart.

These are different times, however, than 2002. The economy is taking a beating, and people are looking for relief however they can find it. In Las Vegas at McCarran International Airport, $40.9 million in revenue was generated from slot machines last year.

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