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Slot Operators in Austin, Texas Have Businesses Raided

8 Liner Slots Texas police continued their serious crackdown on 8 liner slots Thursday night, this time the raid came courtesy of Austin police who seized more than 350 of the now infamous slot machines. The raids in Austin came only one month after police raids in Van Zandt County in East Texas seized more than fifty 8 liner slots.

The raids in Austin saw close to fifty people get arrested, all of whom were cited for misdemeanor charges. Over $80,000 in cash was also seized by police in the many locations they raided.

Police said they have to stop 8 liner proliferation because in 2005 they responded to 26 robberies of game rooms. This year there have been 14 reported robberies, not to mention the slots are deemed illegal by state law.

The first campaign against operators of eight liner slots came in early May when authorities arrested more than three dozen people on illegal gambling related charges. Then we reported how authorities were allegedly ignoring the problem, and then came more arrests.

We will continue to follow the story of the illegal 8 liner slots in Texas.

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