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Smokers Crying Foul Over Government Casino Smoking Bans Is A Joke

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A hot new topic in America is smoking bans. More and more governments are moving towards these bans in hopes of saving the lives of people who actually want to live.

While smokers, who typically are angry people to begin with, do not care who they are harming when they light up in a public place, many governments have stepped in. Casinos are the locations where these smokers are most up in arms over the smoking bans.

A typical argument of the average smoker is that the government should not tell people what they can do. It is a freedom to smoke, they claim. However, they often fail to mention the people who don't smoke, whose rights are being violated by the arrogant smokers.

Smokers have a unified response to people who do not want to be around their smoking. Go someplace else if you don't like it. That same response, however, when turned on them, invades their rights somehow.

When the government tells them if you don't like the smoking laws, go somewhere else, they cry foul. Hypocritical as it might be, smokers generally feel like they are entitled to endanger others' health with their habits.

Smoking bans in casinos have made these gambling establishments a much better place to enjoy. The opportunity to go out and relax without having to come home smelling like an ash tray is a benefit that residents of every state should be able enjoy.

Of course, for residents in every state to enjoy these benefits, there also needs to be casinos in every state. That is an issue that state governments are still working on. Give them time, they came around on the smoking laws, hopefully they will soon come around on the gambling.

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